At a time of significant changes in the Global Economy, as well as the shipping Industry, we are arguably entering into uncharted waters.

Seaworld Express
Lines task ourselves to take the uncertainties out of your shipping arrangement, by constantly monitoring the most competitive terms available from the various operators for the "Sea-Leg" and combining this with our bespoke logistics solutions at both origin and destination.

We know it takes experience to get the answer right in ocean freight. Freight costs vary constantly from time to time and from region to region, and may not always reflect the service you get or the service you expect.

 As a Seaworld Customer, you can rely on us to keep track of the rapidly changing world of ocean  freight, because we ubderstand the effect on equipment availability, vessel utilisation, port terminal  capacities and competition.

 That's because we have good and long-standing relationships with global and regional carriers which give us the  inside knowledge needed to research the market throughly. We can then offer you an unbiased,  objective range of options to suit your requirements in the short, medium and long term.
Customs controlled areas. Container handling
Groupage Loading
Unloading Storage
Palletisation Inventory control
Picking, packing and labelling Delivery

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